A little about me… My Background: I have spent most of my life managing both people and properties. My 28 years of service to one company show the loyalty and dedication people have come to expect with me. I have also had the opportunity to do a variety of jobs within one company, and have learn so many different things that can only enhance my skill set. I am thrilled to be joining the professionals at Woods Bros and look forward to a career helping people find homes that work for their lives. My Education: I have a BFA from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I completed course work for my masters in design at UNL. I have also graduated from Missouri Auction School. My Credentials and Interests: Besides being a licensed Realtor, I am a Licensed Auctioneer, and a CAGA certified personal property appraiser. I enjoy art and antiques, so these things fit right in. I am a potter, and fancy myself a sculptor of sorts. My thoughts on buying a home: As people, we keep things that are precious to us and put them in special containers. We may put items from great grandma in a special shadow box, important papers in a fireproof safe, a lost tooth in a special keepsake box, for example. I want to help you find the perfect container for your life…one that will protect the people you hold dearest, hold the things you treasure, and be the backdrop for the memories you create. My commitment to my clients: To work closely with my clients and their families to provide the highest level of real estate service possible. I will dedicate my knowledge, energy and vast resources from Woods Bros to finding you the best home for your life.

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