Keeping the Pace: Thinking Outside the Box

My grandfather, Mark Woods, and my father, Pace Woods Sr., as a young boy, used to take a horse and buggy from their home at S. 26th and N Streets and drive out to the area of S.27th and what is now Woodsdale Blvd. to hunt ducks. In the early 1900s that area was a series of ponds west to S. 17th filled with water fowl.

In the 1920s after my grandfather developed the Woodscrest Addition between S. 27th and S. 24th Streets, he had some concern about bringing new home owners over the hill at Van Dorn Street and into the area of the ponds. He needed an attraction that would encourage people to live in the area.

In 1917 the members of the Country Club of Lincoln were thinking about moving the Club from its location near Gooch’s Mill. Mark Woods offered to purchase the old Club building and land, which allowed the members to make the move it its present location on S. 24th Street.

This move opened up the development of Capitol Hill between Sheridan Blvd. and Calvert, Woodsdale Blvd. between S. 27th & 20th, Woodsshire between 20th & 17th, and Indian Village from 20th to 14th St.

The Woodsdale ponds remained for many years until the 1930s. During the drought, they all dried up except for the pond at Lake Street and S. 17th. This remaining pond is still used for ice skating, as all of them were earlier.

2 thoughts on “Keeping the Pace: Thinking Outside the Box

  1. Pace…thanks for allowing me the opportunity to know a little more about the Country Club neighborhood. I live near 27th and Woodsdale, so really appreciate your willingness to share personal knowledge of the history of the area. Mary Artz

  2. Pace,
    I bet you could write a book about the marvelous accomplishments of your family and the asset they were to the wonderful city of Lincoln, NE.

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