What to expect when trying to sell your home on your own WITHOUT the help of a Realtor

Finally the day has come when you and your wife have decided that the family has outgrown your current home. You have had three trips to the doctor in the past year due to tripping over the kids’ toys. When you open the closets you need to wear a helmet to protect your noggin. And the holidays are not pleasant when you try to squeeze 30 people into a 10’ x 10’ space called a dining room.

You should hire a professional, but you watch the Home and Garden Channel reruns at 1:00 am when one of the kids has the flu, and you think you can do it on your own.

So you run to the hardware store on your lunch break and spend $75 on one of those flimsy signs that will sustain a 2 mph wind and one of those nice flyer tubes. When you get home you install them in the front yard and run to the computer to list your house on one of those FREE local internet sites. You make your own flyers on a program that was free with your computer, but your printer is out of ink. So you run to the office supply store and spend $100.00 on two printer cartridges. You go home and install them, but find that you really needed a printer. So you run back out and spend $300 on a new printer. Now you make the nice flyers (estimating the utilities, taxes and size of rooms) and run outside to fill the tube, only to find out that the wind has taken your sign and tube to somewhere in Iowa. Another $75 trip to the hardware store.

You are going to have your first open house. You call the local newspaper and give them the information you want in the ad. Total: $300 for one ad, one day. Ouch!!!

You shove all the stuff back in the closets and duct tape the doors shut. You throw the kids’ toys into the garage behind the mini-van. You light a few candles and wait for the arrival of the new owners. But the only buyers who come are the neighbors–wanting to be nosey and see the inside of your house–and a few very scary looking individuals who saw your ad on the Internet site. When the open house is over, you run around the house blowing out the candles and turning off the lights only to find out that your Rolex watch, flat screen television and your kids’ piggy banks have been stolen. You call the police and they say they are on the way, but it will be a little while as they are busy with more important things. You are hungry and there is nothing in the house to eat. So you decide to run thru the drive-in burger joint down the road to grab a bite. It will only take you a minute or two! You jump in the mini-van and back her up, running over three expensive kids’ bikes, your wife’s golf clubs and your favorite fishing pole. The cost of repair or replacement: PRICELESS.

You stagger back into the kitchen to try to find something in that refrigerator that doesn’t contain mold and as you reach to open the door … there in plain sight … is the refrigerator magnet that Cindy Weiss with Woods Bros Realty sent to you during the holidays. And there is her telephone number too!!! You call her and she brings you the papers to list your house and maybe even dinner.

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