Different hats, much reflection and thanks

Hi Friends,

MP900387468People watching, especially in an international airport, can often be thought provoking, or at least helpful if you’re forced to surrender 4 hours of your time to the unfriendly skies of weather.  Such was the case recently at DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth), where Stetson were plentiful, along with stocking caps, ball caps, an occasional turban and other cultural headwear offerings.  The wiley north Texas wind meant that about 175 of us, with our various cultural representations, had a common ground of being grounded.  Regardless of 1st class or coach, cocktail or complimentary Coke, we were all one, big, techno-device-hugging, departure board-staring, collection of dispirited curmudgeons.

The week ahead would be Thanksgiving, even in Ferguson, Missouri.  Probably most everyone in Ferguson would prefer the past 4 months or so could be put on re-wind.  Do over.  Un-do.  Re-think.  But it is a reality that I can not comprehend.  Many of us probably can not.  For those of us who lived in the confusion of the 1960’s, today’s media coverage may have reminded us of L.A.’s Watts district on a smaller scale, with homes, businesses and emotions enflamed.  Living in secure, prosperous and what many perceive as nearly crime-free Lincoln, Nebraska, may cause us to offer unrealistic solutions to that St. Louis suburb’s unimaginable disarray.

Our group of 175 or so at DFW wore lots of different hats last weekend as we waited anxiously for the possibility of our plane to take us home, where all was quiet and familiar.  Nothing unusual for a Realtor to do the same, wearing a myriad of hats, looking for answers to our common challenges of closing the transaction.  Sort of “putting out fires” in many cases.

Our hearts are with the families in Ferguson, Missouri, where we pray that the fires may be extinguished sooner than later.  Changes will occur, probably accompanied by incredible challenges.  In wearing our hats as Realtors, parents, grandparents, siblings, single persons, and fellow citizens of Mother Earth, we will look forward to this week of Thanksgiving and the memory-filled times this holiday creates annually.  Our abundance is immeasurable.

Let us give thanks in what ever ways we feel appropriate for our treasured families, friends, our homes, and our opportunities in this wonderful, yet sometimes troubled nation.  May the people of Ferguson, Missouri find some semblance of peace in the times ahead.
Blessings to all, my good friends.

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