Yes to the House: A Love Story

Less than a year ago, Jordan and Aspen were individually preparing for their uncertain futures. Jordan had been looking for a house to buy, and Aspen had been looking for teaching jobs in different states when Jordan first met her. Messages and texts led to a dinner date in Omaha.

“From then we just knew something was different, and everything clicked,” Jordan said.

Within months, Jordan brought Aspen in on his home hunt to get her input. She was hesitant at first.

The new couple quickly learned about the fast-moving local real estate market when Jordan almost put an offer on a house in their desired neighborhood only to find that he’d have to jump a little faster.

Then they found a house on the same street online. Jordan called his HOME Real Estate agent, Adam Wiekamp, for a showing the next day by himself.

“Afterwards I was sent lots of pictures, hoping for my approval,” Aspen said. “He was very excited about it, and before we both knew it Jordan put in an offer, and it was accepted.”

Jordan proposes to Aspen in their future backyard.
Jordan proposes to Aspen in their future backyard.

But Jordan had more plans in mind for the home. With the help of his agent, Adam, they contacted the home’s listing agent, Tammy Peter of Woods Bros Realty, to ask the sellers if Jordan could use the backyard to propose to Aspen before the closing.

Another piece fell into place; the home sellers were happy to help because they had also been engaged in the home.

Jordan enlisted his friends to string lights in the backyard and prepare a fire-pit. He made up a story about having to check out some rocks in the yard. What she didn’t realize is that his friends were hiding with three cameras and a video camera.

“I explained to her how much I loved her and got down on my knee and asked her to marry me,” Jordan said. “She was very shocked and surprised and loved that I picked our future home together as a location for our engagement. A place that we will hold special in our hearts will now be a place we come home to each night. “

Aspen said yes to Jordan that night and yes to their future house. Their parents eagerly awaited the news.

“It was great that the homeowners allowed us to have the keys that night to be able to do this,” Jordan said.

Newly engaged couple Jordan and Aspen
Newly engaged couple Jordan and Aspen

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