5 steps to selling your home this fall

fall-home-wreathWhen the bustling green of summer settles into the calmer yellows and oranges of fall, it can be a great season to sell your home. The fall season also turns many to thoughts of the holidays and the space they may need to entertain. As buyers think ahead to cranberries and pine, you can use this transition period to highlight the best features of your home.

Here are 5 expert tips to sell your home quickly this fall:

Create a fall-inspired first impression

From the curb appeal to the walkthrough, utilize the color and scents of the fall harvest season to create a warm and cozy impression that buyers will linger on. Accent your front door with an autumn wreath and carry those hues inside with flowers and candles for a more emotional connection. Open blinds just enough to bring in light and outside colors.

Empty your closets

Pare down those closets, cupboards, and drawers. Home buyers often have storage in mind, so be sure your closets and shelves are staged to showcase the space they offer. Experts recommend removal of one-third of your stuff to highlight storage space.

Sell your house not your home

Improve the web appeal of your listing through depersonalization, one of the expert secrets to a best showing. Use other staging strategies to remove clutter and select furniture arrangements room by room. Remove family photos and other sentimental items as you stage each room. Deep clean and reposition ambient lighting as you go to ensure a move-in-ready lasting impression.

Make those needed repairs

Most likely you are well aware of that nagging dripping faucet in the upper level bath, or that deep scratch in the kitchen trim near the stove. Take the time to make those necessary and top-of-mind repairs that you can do yourself.

Trust your agent

As you work with your agent on the listing detail, be open to advice on selling price and marketing. Remember your agent has an objective view of your home and can recommend features to highlight in the listing. Allow for that give-and-take with your agent on best ideas for where to position your listing to get noticed and, ultimately, to your closing.

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