engage senses when staging a home for sale

The 30-second secret before you list:

Enhance a home’s sensory appeal for a good first impression

engage senses when staging a home for saleWe all know our decisions are often made based on first impressions—home buying is no different. Some REALTORS® will even tell you that it is that first impression that can make or break a homebuyer’s decision within the first 30 seconds of viewing a home.

Of course, such instinctual decisions are often based on a variety of sensory inputs that a buyer experiences in the first minutes of a viewing, so it is essential to consider this impact well before your home is listed for sale.

Sight, scent, sound and touch enter the brain as information, so it is important enhance your home’s sensory appeal to influence a buyer’s perception and value of your listing, and offer an impressionable and effective home viewing experience before you sign the listing.

Three critical sensory inputs can fortify a buyer’s 30-second first impression:

Visual impact

While many experts remind home sellers to declutter, paint in neutral tones, and ensure strategic floor coverings, no single consideration has a greater impact on the visual impression of a home than lighting. Effective lighting can create emotion, define space, and highlight a home’s best features. Lighting can facilitate the mind’s eye to envision the buyer’s own belongings in a well-lighted room, so take the time needed to display each room in its best light.

Sensual impact

While we all love our pets and the convenience of that mudroom bin for the after-school sports gear, we know the smell of warm, fresh sugar cookies are more likely a better influence when a potential buyer walks through the door. Even though you think the wood chime off the kitchen window is soothing, a homebuyer may find it distracting. Be objective as you explore the scents and sounds of your home, and consider a fresh perspective to ensure your home is ready for a quiet and appealing early showing.

Tactile impact

Hopefully a buyer won’t taste your home while looking around, but they will very likely touch it—even if only with their eyes. The tactical impact of that first impression is based not only on touch but on texture and structure. Each of these can influence a buyer’s confidence that the home is attractive, structurally sound, and move-in ready. Tighten up those loose cupboard handles, ensure the closet bi-fold slides smoothly or remove any grit from the ceramic tile. Be certain that the physical and structural quality of the home is ready for any tactical inspection by a hands-on homebuyer.

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