Getting ready for listing photos

listing-photosBoxes, boxes, everywhere. You never realize just how much “stuff” you have until you get that exciting phone call from your agent: “We’re ready to take your listing photos!”

Before you panic and dump every possession you own into a dumpster just to rid your home of the evidence, remember this: you’ve hired a professional. Your Realtor will be well experienced in taking listing photos that make your home desirable and beautiful. They will likely even use a professional photographer who specializes in listing photos. But that doesn’t mean your job is done.

One long standing Woods Bros agent offers the following advice to all of his clients, “Pretend I’m coming over with a serious buyer. Have your home looking like you would if I really had a buyer with me.”

So what do your buyers want to see? The more important question is what do your buyers not want to see. It’s no secret that you currently live in your home, your belongings are there, your life is present in every room, but show your buyers a home that they can envision their own family living in.

For starters:

  1. Get rid of clutter. Those stacks of bills? The laundry piles (I know, I know, they are clean piles), utilize all those closets and storage to stash away distracting items.
  1. The kitchen is a huge point of interest. Just think about how much time your own family spends together there. Don’t leave remnants of last night’s delicious dinner in the sink. Do the dishes, scrub away the remaining crumbs. As much as your buyers might be delighted to try your cooking, they don’t want to see the leftovers hiding in the bottom of your sink.
  1. Think about your personal memories. Your kids are adorable, beyond adorable, but your buyers want to dream about walls that will someday hold their own family photos. So swap out those lovely framed photos for a neutral piece of art instead. Give your buyers a chance to dream about their own future in the home.
  1. If you have kids, you have stuff. Lots, and lots of stuff. A recent Lincoln seller of three young children chose a storage unit to eliminate the unnecessary excess. The result? Fresh, streamlined listing photos AND a signed contract. If a storage unit isn’t in your budget, consider a trip to the dollar store, grab some totes and stuff away.

Lastly, when the house is clean and uncluttered; leave the details to your professional agent. Shades open? Shades closed? Leave the lamp on or switch it off? Your agent will know the best lighting and angles to make your already fabulous house look even better. Once you do your part, their job will be easy and successful.

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