The Open House: 4 tips to make buyers want to take a second look

open-houseRemember back in Career Ed when you put yourself through mock job interviews as practice? Your open house is a practice look for buyers. They spend an afternoon perusing houses and neighborhoods to gather information on what might be a good fit for them, then head back to their Realtor with what they’ve found. If you want your house to be in that list of homes they absolutely must see again, consider these tips:

Target Market

Knowing what kind of buyer might be interested in your home is the first step towards a “sold” sign. HGTV notes, “Think about what kind of neighborhood you live in. Is it young and hip and filled with first-time buyers, or is it mature and established with lots of families? It’s important to know what type of buyer you’re targeting so you can stage accordingly.” Ask your Realtor to answer these questions for you; they will advise you how to stage your house for your particular target market.


Of course you’re going to clean your home, but you can add an extra wow factor by going just a little further. Replace your house numbers if they are old and faded, clean out gutters that are full of leaves, dust the tops of those ceiling fans you’ve been avoiding for months. Make everything shine! And when you think you’re done, invite a neighbor or friend over to point out anything you may have overlooked. But don’t just shove the mess into a closet or spare bedroom hoping no one will look in there. Anything that is “off limits” will invite buyers to continue their home search elsewhere.

Let it Go

Let it go…Let it go…let your personal belongings go. You want a buyer to easily visualize their family living in your house. Of course you’re proud of the refrigerator full of report cards and art projects, but your family’s personal imprint on the house will only create distance between it and a buyer.

The Nose Knows

Making your home aesthetically pleasing is catering to just one of the five senses. Consider how your home smells, but be careful of going overboard. You want a fresh, nearly odorless aroma to invite in potential buyers. An open window or the subtle scent of a fresh batch of cookies is plenty. An overpowering scent will push buyers out the door for some fresh air, ultimately leading them to the next house.

On average, Woods Bros Realty offers more than 50 open houses a week, making open houses an excellent starting point for buyers. Before your first open house, consult your agent about your particular market area, as well as the habits and preferences of your potential buyers. As always, they will be your best source of information and guidance.

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