Hosting a New Year’s Eve party you can enjoy also

2016So in a moment of holiday cheer, your excitement took over and you invited all of your family, friends, old high school buddies, the grocery store clerk, and some strangers on the street to your home for the most EPIC New Year’s Eve party this century has ever seen! Now that reality has set in and that holiday cheer has turned into the reality of your task at hand, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with these simple, fun, and wow-worthy New Year’s Eve party ideas that will actually allow you to enjoy the festivities also.


Skip those plastic party store decorations. (Exception: 2016 eyeglasses. Never skip 2016 eyeglasses.) Nothing says “classy adult party” like this decoration focal point. Beautiful, unique, and a breeze to clean up afterwards.

From MarthaStewart.com


If the idea of preparing a five-course meal leaves you huddled in the corner in fear, then don’t. Invite your guests to arrive after dinner. In their post-meal state they’ll be totally ready to nibble on all the easy appetizers you’ve so beautifully displayed. Vegetable and fruit trays, meats and cheeses with crackers—all of these are stress-free (and you can even buy them already prepared at your grocery store). Then spend your energy on a few cute appetizers like these mini hot dogs. Miniature food is like a miniature pony, way too cute to resist. Try these mini hotdogs and get creative with other foods that you can cut down to size.

mini hot dogs
From SouthernLiving.com


Have a little “Mad Scientist” moment in the kitchen and create your own signature drink concoction for the night. Think beyond the normal fruity punches and get creative! For extra fun, freeze juice into ice cubes for extra color and flavor. Just don’t forget to give your brand new drink a fun name that your friends will be repeating all night as they refill!


For a really simple—and really fun—holiday game, Real Simple always has the right solution. Have some fun with normal tradition of New Year’s Resolutions with these downloadable New Year Playing Cards. Guests fill in the blanks to questions like “The person I want to be more like this year _____.” or “The bad habit I want to kick this year is _____.” Then shuffle the cards and read them aloud; try to guess to whom each resolution belongs!

resolution cards
From RealSimple.com


The countdown to midnight: the most anticipated part of a New Year’s Party. But please, your vacuum begs you, skip the confetti. Instead, feast your eyes on this amazing personalized idea that really shows your guests how much they mean to you. It might take a little extra prep work, but personalized confetti with your favorite photos of friends and family will be the highlight of your party, right after 3…2….1. The best part, guests will want to actually help pick them up so they can keep their special memento.

photo confetti
From MarthaStewart.com


After the ball drops, don’t let guests rush out the door. Keep the party going with some softer music, the glorious glow of a fireplace, and of course, bottomless cups of coffee. As the excitement of the night wears off, you and your friends will find a cozy end to the night talking, laughing, and reminiscing on a wonderful 2015, but also looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

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