7 tips for a memorable New Year’s Eve with kids

kids partyNew Year’s Eve parties are notoriously full of adults and late nights. But don’t leave the kids out of the celebration. After all, no one loves a great party more than kids! Kids bring the fun, the giggles, and the best memories. Use some of these tips to throw your kiddos their own New Year’s Eve celebration, and we promise it will be way more fun than waking up with a headache the next day.

Invite Friends.

Let the kids pick a few friends to join in on the fun. A New Year’s Eve playdate will give you some adult interaction as well. Let the kids play as you socialize; it’s definitely a win-win.

Fancy Nancy

Kids LOVE dressing up. Make your event feel like a real adult party by letting the kids don their fanciest attire. Costume jewelry, some hats from the party store, and some (moderately) high heels to clunk around in will make the kids feel like they’re fancy enough for an Oscar party.

Don’t Stress the Food.

Give yourself a night off in the kitchen by heading out to your family’s favorite restaurant. But the trick is going early. Eat light snacks for lunch and plan for dinner around 4pm. You’ll beat the traffic and the crowds and make it home with a full stomach ready for the festivities to begin.

Let the Games Begin.

Family game night passes the time in the best way: with plenty of giggles. Jenga, UNO, Twister, and Pictionary are always favorites. But nothing gets the friendly competition going quite like Mario Kart. Pick up an inexpensive trophy at your party store for the winner.


S’mores, roasted marshmallows, homemade Chex mix, they’re all the perfect munchies for games and movie watching. Settle in for a few favorite family movies. (Start the movie watching early in case the kids can’t decide on just one.) If you have a fireplace or even just a pile of soft, cozy blankets, even better.

Dance Party

To get all of that energy out before bedtime choose some lively tunes and get your dance moves rocking. The kids will squeal and bounce out their energy, and you’ll even get some exercise, too. The best part? Kids are awfully forgiving when it comes to your outdated or even a little awkward dance moves.

The Clock Trick

Turn those clocks forward! It’s an easy trick to “make believe” midnight. Bonus—there are plenty of YouTube videos of the New York City ball drop. But if the kids are old enough to last until 11 p.m., let them watch the actual ball drop. But while you wait, don’t forget to help them write a few New Year’s Resolutions. They can be fun, silly, or helpful. Add to the fun and let them write a few resolutions for you too.

Then after the kids are nestled in bed dreaming about their fun party with mom and dad, you can stay up and do your own celebrating … or just revel in your success and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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