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A Spring sale begins with Winter home repairs

home repairWhile you may be thinking ahead to listing your home for sale as the peak season approaches, these long winter months can be an ideal time to ready your home with any needed repairs, maintenance, or improvements. Making these home repairs now can heighten interest in your online listing detail and likely shorten the listing-to-offer period as the home sales market picks up.

Consider a pre-inspection.

Some experts contend that a pre-inspection can be a powerful aid to reveal issues before a buyer’s inspection ever occurs. A pre-inspection will allow you the time to remedy concerns before your home is listed. Pre-inspections can range from a whole house inspection to those targeted areas you may be concerned about such as a roof or foundation, and buyers are often not interested in deferred maintenance.

A pre-inspection can also alleviate a seller’s unexpected surprise after an offer has been accepted or may be used as a marketing strategy if no problems arise in the report. Be sure to consult your Realtor on your state’s disclosure laws before securing the inspection.

Get organized.

Use the current season to also assess clutter and organization of storage areas such as the basement, closets, or garage. Determine a plan to de-clutter and organize these spaces so they are ready to show well when the house is listed. This can alleviate stress by giving yourself the time needed to sort, distribute, or donate items well before listing crunch time sets in.

Experts recommend that up to two-thirds of items should be removed for a clean showing and for potential buyers to envision your home as their own.

Make repairs.

While in the basement, you might also consider any heating system, water heater, or central air issues that need attention to schedule necessary repairs or maintenance.
Home buyers typically want to see a home that is move-in ready. And as you utilize these strategies, you will begin to see your house with an objective eye before your Realtor does. Quick fixes, organization, and de-cluttering prove to be effective as home selling strategies again and again, so the time spent on these pre-listing activities are well worth the effort and often returned in a higher offer price.

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