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How to make a buyer fall in love with your home

heart housesBuying a home can be an emotional experience and, as Valentine’s Day approaches, it is a great time to consider how to make a buyer fall in love with your home. Feelings can motivate any decision, especially in a new home purchase, and you want a buyer to feel at home instantly.

A key to preparing your home for listing begins with an understanding of what is most important for your potential buyers to envision their life in your home over your own. What you overlook day to day might be viewed as a flaw by a potential buyer and could leave a negative memory of your home as they move on to another listing.

So remember before you list that it is essential to view your home with an objective eye and consider the top three immediate improvements that can be done in time for a February listing to have your buyer falling head over heels for your home.

While we may more often think about how to prepare our home on the inside, experts note that there are certain external improvements that have been statistically shown to have a greater return value in an offer price and can make that immediate impact on a buyer’s first impression.

The Master Entrance

Recent research has shown that a new master door can be one of the best home improvements to add value to your home. If a new door is not in the budget, experts advise that painting a door in a vibrant accent color to the home’s exterior can have an equal impact for less cost.


Just as the mood set by a candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day, lighting can have one of the most significant impacts on a home viewing and first impression. Be sure to consider lighting outside and inside as you prepare your home to be viewed by potential buyers. Ensure all external lights are in working order. Light up your home even during a daytime showing­— especially lights that add a decorative value to your home’s exterior—for a lasting image as potential buyers consider your home curbside.

The View

Regardless of whether your view is a neighboring park or your own garden setting, it is important to ensure that the view remains attractive in winter and throughout the transition from winter to spring. While you cannot control the weather, you do have control over window treatments, lighting, and the elimination of any outdoor debris to ensure that a glimpse from a patio door or bay window presents the best scene possible.  A pleasing view may remain in a potential buyer’s mind’s eye and remain there as they write an offer for a new home they love: yours.

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