5 ways to decorate with green

Are you currently enthralled with Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year? So are we. Rose Quartz and Serenity are nothing if not tranquility in a paint can, but we’ve got something else on our minds: spring! And nothing brings out the seasonal newness of spring like a little green around your home. Try these tips to spruce up your living quarters with the glorious (and endless) shades of green.

Pick Your Shade:

Before you panic at the plethora of shades to choose from, find some zen in these words from Elle Décor:

“Make it minty, or go with a deep, dark, brooding forest-green—either way, you’ll end up with a refreshing statement that reflects one of the natural world’s most abundant colors. It’s green design in the most literal sense.”

Worried that green is too bold, too eye-popping, too distracting? Don’t be, instead consider the options and these words of advice from Sabina Vavra, an A&E series designer:

“The trick is not avoiding shades of green, but knowing how to use them properly and what to mix them with.”

But it’s not all about the paint can. You can throw green in any room with subtle or even eccentric accents that will warm your mood even if the weather doesn’t.


Seed Starters:

For the gardener in all of us, think about using your seed starters as a focal point in your kitchen or living room. They’re green, they’re spring, and there’s no painting required. A few eggshells are an environmentally green way to start any sized garden, and the kids will get a kick out of seeing them grow each day.



But if you are in it to win it with painting, Country Living has 44 excellent ideas blooming in their Decorating with Green slide show. Pick one room; any bathroom, office, bedroom, living room, kitchen, will do, and relish in the warmth of greenery.



Succulents are the hipsters of indoor plants. They are vivaciously quirky, but simultaneously down-to-earth. Even better, they plant easily in just about anything your imagination can conjure up. Saving up wine corks for a Pinterest project? Consider your project done after you pop a few succulents in those corks and adorning your walls. Find more succulent ideas here:


Start Small:

Pick a wall, any wall. If painting an entire room is too daunting for your schedule and budget, then feast your eyes on the power of the accent wall. Better Homes and Gardens reminds us that even picking a portion of a wall for an accent is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, you’ll be done with enough time to go outside and enjoy some real green, that is, if spring ever gets here.


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