Summer Maintenance

Summer_MaintenancePicSummer is the perfect time to keep your indoors clean and spend your days outside. But it comes with just a little bit of work. Here is a list of simple things you (yes, even you!) can do to keep your yards thriving all season.

Tree trimming. The key is to not go overboard. Trim branches that are dead. An easy way to tell if they are, is that they will look drastically different from the other branches. With a quick snip, chop and dispose of them properly.

The same principle applies to bushes. Certain types of bushes need to be shaped regularly, but others, like the Summer Wine variety, bloom gorgeous flowers in the spring. This means that any over pruning may affect your plant’s ability to re-bloom in the next season. This is an example of why it’s important to only trim off the dead branches.

Gutters are a pest for every season. If you happened to miss (ahem, procrastinate) fall gutter cleaning, do it now! If you happen to have teenagers, the more the merrier to get this job done quickly.

Also, be sure to check your air conditioning unit or heat pump. It may need to be cleaned or serviced (often by a professional). Our familiar Nebraska cottonwood trees send lovely treasures found inside the units, and now is the time to clean them when you are relying heavily on your unit to run efficiently through the summer heat.

Furthermore, while you’re cutting back and pruning, keep overgrowth away from your AC unit. Your cooling system and technician will thank you.

Tag team some weed pulling effort. Make it a game. See who can gather the most weeds, or set a timer and measure your progress. Weed killer works too, but we prefer a more environmentally friendly approach.

Pressure washing! Let’s all admit it, it’s liberating and fun. Get that siding and deck sparkling with a little power tool effort.

And lastly, if you love an adventure, (and are up to date on safety…we’re looking at you Christmas vacation enthusiasts) go ahead and take a peek at your roof to identify any wear and tear. Particularly after spring storms, even minor ones, documenting any changes will help you in the long run.

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