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When it comes to using every space in your home effectively, some spaces are just easier than others to create exactly what you want. A room can be too small, lack windows, or just seem too awkward to be functional. Before you close the door on those rooms forever, take a look at this guide to creatively turn any space into a practical space.


The Non-Conforming Bedroom– Is it a bedroom or not? The non-conforming bedroom is typically a windowless room found in the basement that no one actually wants to sleep in. But it does makes a great office or craft room. The trick is to keep the colors bright and to bring in plenty of light. These rooms are often small, so limit the furniture to only what you need, an uncluttered look will do wonders to opening up the room. If you’d rather use your non-conforming bedroom as a storage space, don’t just stack boxes behind a closed door. Instead, install shelving to keep it neat and organized.


Long and Narrow– Sometimes the floorplan of a room can have your head spinning. A living room, for example, can be too long and narrow- tempting you to line up your furniture along each wall which creates a blocky (and boring) look. Don’t shy away from dividing a room down the middle and creating two unique spaces. Half can be a living area with television, and the other half makes a lovely reading area. Midwest Living offers up this great before and after of a living room that, at first glance, looks too narrow to work.

Image      Image


The Entryway– In many floorplans, there’s just not as much space as most of us would like in the entryway. We’d all love a spacious mudroom, but if you don’t have one, you can still create a clean and functional space at your front door. Use the walls for decorative and practical shelving. Hooks will also be a huge sanity saver. Aimee Weaver Designs does just that in their entryway makeover tips:



The Creative Corner– Finally, don’t chalk up a corner to wasted space. Mirrors, triangle tiered shelving, even a small chair can make a corner cute and functional; even in a bathroom!



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