Pet-Proofing Your Home


Our houses aren’t just a home for the people in our family, they’re just as much a homebase for our beloved animals. Accommodating for and streamlining those pet related messes is essential; and actually not that challenging! No matter what kind of pet you adore, we have some tips to keep them, and you, happy in your home.

The coveted mudroom is a great place to start. An entry way mudroom keeps pet messes out of sight and easy to clean; and if you have a utility sink, all the better. Old towels don’t need to be discarded, instead stash them for muddy paws and wet pets coming in from the rain. If you don’t have a mudroom, don’t worry. Create a space in your garage that accommodates messy needs. Furthermore, the back door and deck are a common entry point for pets, and that’s great! Consider a doggy door that lets pets come and go as they please while you’re away. A hydrating swimming pool is also helpful during the hot season. Also, if you really want to control the mess of food and water bowls, train the dogs to eat on the deck or patio and leave their mess outside. Add an old comfy pillow or dog bed in the shade, and your furry friend has a great outdoors refugee.

Inside the home, shedding and dandruff can just about drive you crazy. But it’s really nothing a nice lint roller or robot vacuum can’t resolve with little effort. Create a weekly pet hair pick-up schedule before things get out of hand, and this hairy task seems much less daunting.

If you are currently on the prowl for a new home, think of your pet and its needs. Lots of stairs might not be suitable for an older pet. And for any pet, a nice fenced in backyard is a must. Shade, along with a premade or DYI dog house is an excellent haven. Periodically inspect your fences for those escape artist pets, and let them claim this outdoor space as their own playground.

Perhaps your pet of choice has no hair at all. Birds, reptiles, and the like, are perfectly happy in a sunroom. Plenty of natural light comes through, plus this room is often one of the most used in a home. Your pet will welcome the added company. Have a reptile on your hands? Many species of turtles love an outdoor stay-cation during the summer months.  Check with your reptile expert and put your handiwork to good use building a solid and predator free outdoor home for the turtle members of your family.

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