An Updated Kitchen

2019 Kitchen Trends to Inspire the New You

An Updated Kitchen

At the start of the New Year, we contemplate how to better their lives. Often, this focus is centralized around food. Whether you’re taking up a culinary hobby (like learning to recreate your French patisserie favorites) or gaining a meal prep mantra, kitchen updates can put you in the right mindset to pursue your goals. Here are the kitchen trends we love for 2019.

The clean lines in industrial-style kitchens are cropping up in the new year. Shaker-style cabinets and cabinet walls compliment the sleek appearance while offering a host of storage options. Tuck away your new kitchen gadgets behind these cabinet doors. Compliment the updates with matte black hardware.

Intermingling raw materials can add elements of warmth to a seemingly “cold” kitchen. Stained wooden range hoods bring a feeling of comfort while you cook. Stone sinks will fit well into the color scheme and offer a large workspace for cleaning vegetables (hello, meal prep). Don’t forget about options glass offers. Glass shelves installed on otherwise bare walls adorned with personal touches is a quick update to add a bit of class. Replacing traditional pantry doors with fluted glass adds to the visual appeal.

Kitchen renovations can be extremely exciting, yet time-consuming. However, the updates we’re into for 2019 can be done somewhat quickly. You can choose to work in a few to add a freshness to your kitchen that wasn’t there before. One of the best things about a new year is that it’s a clean slate. Take this opportunity to improve your kitchen while you work on yourself, too. It’ll help keep you motivated longer when you have a beautiful kitchen to work from in your home.

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