Potted Herbs

Spice Up Your Life | Start an Indoor Herb Garden

Potted Herbs

After several months of winter, many Nebraskans are crying out for some green to start peeking through the ground; but even though our favorite groundhog predicted an early Spring this year – the weathermen seem to be disagreeing with him. Don’t fret! With the right tools and a little bit of planning, you can enjoy fresh, year-round “greenery” grown right in your home.

There are several popular options for indoor gardening. Indoor veggie gardens or even the newly popular wall gardens have added to the ranks and upped the game of the average house plant. But a garden that is sure to please your ambiance and your culinary critic(s) is an herb garden.

Once you’ve decided to grow an indoor garden, the first problem to solve is whether you want to start your garden with seeds or seedlings. You can typically pick up herb seeds year-round from places like Campbell’s Nursery or Earl May. This time of year many local garden centers will start adding seedlings to their selection too!

Next find a container that offers proper drainage, but also jives with your interior decor. Size is important as well, be sure to check the package or do a quick Google search on what is recommended for your plant choices. (Don’t forget to check the back of your seed packet or the label in your seedling – they often provide this info.)

Plants need a good light source to grow properly. If you have a window in your kitchen, you are off to an awesome start. No window? No problem! There are a ton of affordable indoor grow light options that eliminate your garden’s need to be near a window. Local and online shops such as Amazon typically have several options to choose from.

After grabbing your soil mix and good organic garden fertilizer, you are ready to start your adventure. Gardening can be therapeutic and a terrific family activity, teaching all ages the values of patience and responsibility.

Starting an indoor herb garden has a ton of benefits, not to mention it’s easy! Visit our blog for more ideas and links to local and online offerings.

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