Four Family-Friendly Places to Visit This Week

Yellow FlowersThere was a good moment when we never thought we would be able to shed our winter coats and toss those ice scrapers under the backseat. Yet here we are: spring in Nebraska, where the days are long, warm and buzzing with energy.
Strange as it might still seem after a long winter of hibernation, it’s time to get back out there and explore all this wonderful region has to offer. Whether you are looking forward to family adventures that don’t involve 15 layers of clothing on each child or are scouting locations for a date in the fresh air, add these local gems to your springtime bucket list.

Pioneers Park Nature Center:

Pair of BisonIf you haven’t yet visited this nearly 700-acre park with everything ranging from prairie landscapes to wetlands to woodlands—don’t wait another weekend. Located just 15 minutes from downtown, Pioneers Park feels a world away from the city thanks to miles of hiking trails and sanctuary spaces for bison and elk.

Lincoln Children’s Zoo:

Monkeys at ZooThe fun that is the Lincoln Children’s Zoo is no big secret, but there really is something special about visiting in the spring. Besides of the possibility of meeting a new baby, there is always the guarantee of ohh-ing over the 350+ animals that populate the zoo. As a bonus, that number is ever-growing with the additions of giraffes, tigers and spider monkeys.

Sunken Gardens:

Red FlowersIf it’s spring, that means it’s time to visit Lincoln’s renowned Sunken Gardens. Featuring 31,000 plants on an annual basis, the warm weather calls forth a truly remarkable burst of life and color. If you think seeing it once is enough, think again: This year’s theme at the Sunken Gardens is “Sun Salutations,” which means you can expect an exciting new arrangement of red, orange and yellow blooms.

Indian Cave State Park:

Hiking on a TrailFeeling up for a bit of a road trip? Pack a picnic and load up the car for a day at Indian Cave State Park, about an hour and a half from Lincoln. With more than 3,000 rocky, scenic acres bordering the Missouri River—not to mention its namesake large sandstone cave—this makes from a fun destination whether you are hiking, biking, viewing wildlife or looking to get on the river.

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