Mistakes To Avoid While Selling Your Home

Chances are would-be buyers see your home first the first time when they scroll through pictures online, not when they pull up to the curb. Ensure that your images are not only professional and crisp, but also portray your home at its best—meaning deep-cleaned and decluttered.

Pricing Too High

Of course you don’t want to leave money on the table when selling your home, but you may also be setting yourself up for a prolonged, less lucrative sale by leading with an unrealistic price. Here’s why: As your days on the market (DOM) tick upward, interest will decrease as buyers assume something may be wrong with the property.

Working With the Wrong Agent

Yes, there are plenty of numbers to consider when hiring an agent—but your decision shouldn’t be based on that alone. By working with a real estate professional, you are really working with an advocate for your interests, a marketer for your home and a concierge for your moving-related questions.

Ignoring Dust and Clutter

You may be used to overlooking the messes—big or little—in your home. You live there, after all. However, a potential buyer will likely not be so forgiving. Before your first showing, take the time to do a deep-cleaning and ruthless decluttering of your home. Then set a schedule to keep up with the cleanings until your home sells so you don’t have to turn down showings because the bathroom is dirty.

Getting Surprised by Inspections

If everything has been going smoothly and you have a deal in sight, the last thing you want is to get blindsided by a major repair revealed by a professional inspector. You can avoid this by either doing your own informed inspection before selling your home or make it even more likely you won’t be surprised by doing a pre-inspection with a professional. That way, you will have time to decide what you are prepared to fix—or can even get ahead of it by doing the repairs before listing.

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