Deeper Meaning Found in Guatemala

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Amy Mosser finds deeper meaning in Guatemala

As a Woods Bros agent who is involved in the local community, Amy Mosser has always been guided by the mission to leave the world a better place than she found it. But it wasn’t until her first outreach visit to Guatemala in 2012 that Mosser realized just how far-reaching her impact could truly be—and how transformative these missions are for anyone who feels the same call to help.

“If there’s ever been a tug on their heart, I know their life would never be the same,” Mosser says, encouraging others to take the leap into mission work.

Mosser was inspired to take her first trip by a close friend, Valerie Edwards of Kansas, who was caught in a heartbreaking limbo when the Guatemalan government closed international adoptions when she was already in the process of bringing home her son, Mateo. That caused what would have been a months-long adoption journey to drag on for three years, during which time the Edwards family made multiple visits to Mateo’s orphanage.

With more children in need of a home than local families were able to provide, the Edwards family witnessed first-hand as orphanages became overcrowded and undersupported. Even after Mateo was able to join his adoptive family in the United States, Edwards felt called to assist the children back in Guatemala—so she asked Mosser to help establish the non-profit For the Love of Mateo and return to the orphanage.

“We just went down there and literally held the babies that don’t even get human touch,” Mosser says, describing the small, concrete-floored building that housed 44 children and just two nannies.

Although they knew how meaningful the mission had been for the children in the orphanage, both women recognized there was a need for so much more support throughout Guatemala. In the years since, Mosser has returned eight times to deliver bunk beds, provide hundreds of pairs of children’s shoes and even to assist in building family homes.

Through each of these acts, Mosser says there is a ripple effect that’s incredible to witness: With the beds, people have comfortable places to sleep that give them the energy for productive days. With the shoes, which are preceded in delivery by the team washing the children’s feet, the little ones receive the gifts of pride and confidence. And with the family homes, multiple generations have the tools they need to make a living.

During her most recent trip, Mosser says this last point was said so beautifully by one of the new homeowners. “We all got in a circle and the father prayed and said while we all may come from different religions, we all have the same heart.”

Mosser says preparations are already underway for the next mission in June 2020, which begins months in advance with For the Love of Mateo helping to employ people in Guatemala and keeping money circulating in the economy. The team will then put the final touches on four new homes, deliver 20 bunk beds and put the shoes on the feet of 300 more children.

While Mosser is looking forward to another opportunity to serve the people of Guatemala, she also believes the mission is also a gift to those who participate. If you feel called to experience this for yourself, she encourages you to reach out to her personally or visit the For the Love of Mateo website to learn more.

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