10 Ways for Kids to Spread a Little Kindness This Summer

With school out for longer than anticipated and traditional summer go-tos like pools and camps on shaky ground, parents around the world are looking for creative new ways to keep their kids entertained. Why not make it a win-win situation by spreading a little kindness with those activities? Here are a few wonderful ways to pass on some joy.

  1. Help a small business owner start the day with a smile by writing a heartfelt note of appreciation and taping it to their front door after closing hours. When they return the next day to unlock the doors for business, this happy surprise will be waiting for them!
  2. Pick one or two beloved books you are willing to part with, wrap them up in some pretty paper and leave them with a note for another child to find at a park.
  3. Make a beautiful mosaic out of sidewalk chalk by using painter’s tape to outline a shape and geometric lines within it. Then color, remove the tape and watch as passersby are awed. For bonus points, add an encouraging message beside the artwork.
  4. Leave a little love for your mail carrier by decorating a poster board to thank them for their service. They deliver in snow, rain or shine, after all!
  5. Before going for some ice cream, break into that piggy bank and get enough change to cover the purchase of the next person behind you in line.
  6. Find some stones from your yard and use paint to decorate them with flowers, animals or happy sayings. Then go on a walk around the neighborhood and leave the newly colorful stones for others to find.
  7. Mail a hug to a grandparent by having someone help trace the upper half of your body with your arms stretched out on a big sheet of paper. Then cut it out, decorate it, fold it up and send it in an envelope!
  8. Make “happy notes” by writing positive messages or sayings on Post-it Notes and leaving them in places for strangers to discover.
  9. Set up a dog-walking station by your sidewalk with a bowl of water for pups to drink while walking by plus some spare plastic bags from the grocery store for any pet owners who may have forgotten their own to clean up from doggy potty breaks. Add a sign to invite both the dog and walker to help themselves!
  10. Pick a bouquet of flowers from your garden, tie it up in ribbon and leave it on the porch of a special neighbor for extra special delivery.

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