Walking through Walls

Amy Moran and her daughter Kiara, Habitat volunteers.
Amy Moran and her daughter Kiara, Habitat volunteers.

Of course, angels can walk through walls. It’s a well-known fact, but most of us don’t expect to ever have the privilege of seeing the phenomenon first-hand. Yet that is exactly what happened to me last Saturday! I had the opportunity to attend my first Habitat for Humanity “wall raising” and it lived up to all my expectations.


The site had been prepared and the pre-built framed walls had arrived. It was a crisp, sunny early spring morning. Following a dedication and brief devotion the building supervisor gave the proclamation “line up!” And one by one the outside walls were raised by many hands and bolted to the foundation.


Then the inside walls began to go into place, each carefully numbered and the entire process coordinated by the “master blue print.” By the time half those walls were secured, moving “around” them with so many volunteers present had become an impossibility and that was when I saw it. I looked up and there they were, angels walking through walls. I had to pause in the task I was doing and just take in the sight. Angels, many carrying hammers, some nails, glue guns and even ladders! It was one of those rare moments in time when the real meaning of life and of love stand out clearly against the backdrop of daily life.


The next time I visit that home, I expect the angels walking through walls will no longer be visible to any human eye, but they will be there!


Habitat for Humanity—building affordable homes made with donations of material, money, the “sweat equity” of the families who will live there, and “angels” walking through walls!


If you would like a chance to see (or be) an angel walking through walls, call Habitat for Humanity at (402 )477-9184 for the schedule of building times and sites. 

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