Emotional detachment from house is important when selling

Was watching HGTV for a few minutes with my wife last night, and the homeseller was really offended by the changes suggested by the show’s host.  It made me wonder:  “why do you care?”  (The kitchen was painted purple, green and brown, and at least two other colors, and she couldn’t figure out why that needed to be changed?!)

Here’s the thing:  if you, as a homeseller, have decided to move, you need to detach yourself emotionally from the house.  That can be hard to do if you’ve lived there for many years, and especially if you’ve made a lot of updates and changes yourself.  Your focus, however, needs to be on your move, and on your next home.   Please understand that the way you live in your house and the way to market the house for sale are two completely different things.  When your Realtor makes suggestions for changes or upgrades, it’s not meant as an attack on your tastes, your decorating skills, or the way you live.  You’ve hired him/her to help you sell the house, and the suggestions are meant to accomplish that.  Remember that you won’t be in the house for much longer, and that if changes are needed to get you to the next phase in your life, it’s best to make those changes quickly and without hesitation.

I heard this statement recently from a real estate instructor as he commented on the current market conditions:  “It’s a beauty contest and a price war.”  In eight simple words, that’s a great summation of where real estate is today.  If you want to paint your next kitchen purple/green/brown, you have the freedom to do that!  To get your current house sold, though, that’s probably not the winning combination.  Do what it takes to make your house look its best and price it correctly.  If you do that, you’re much closer to getting your house sold, and you can start making plans for personalizing your new one!

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