Put Facebook to work for you in your home search

Do you enjoy spending time on Facebook? If so, you can put this great social media tool to work for you in your home search.

The first step is to choose an agent who shares your enthusiasm for Facebook and invite them to be your friend. Although most agents do not use Facebook to publicize listings and open houses, once you have updated your agent on what you are looking for, it’s the perfect media for them to let you know about new listings that might interest you, and about the open houses they are personally hosting.

You can use Facebook to send your agent questions, or showing requests. You can use it to follow neighborhoods you are interested in as many of them now have Facebook groups or pages. And you can use it to keep friends and family members updated about homes you are considering. Our great www.WoodsBros.com website makes it easy to link listings to Facebook and other social media sites as well.

The changing face of real estate

For those of you who are old enough, you might remember the days when Realtors would drive around with big books that had all of the houses listed for sale. They would shuffle through the paperwork and come up with that “perfect” house. The Realtor had the “golden key” that could get you in the door. You couldn’t even think about looking for a home without a Realtor.

How times have changed! Just about everyone today has a computer and knows how to look for a home on the Internet. With just a few clicks of the mouse, it’s pretty easy for the general public to get any and all information about a house. So where does that leave the real estate agent of today?

Obviously you need a licensed agent to get you into a house and to get what little information is not already in cyber space. But there are so many more reasons you should consider having a Realtor help you in your home search.

Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Why attempt to do this on your own? This is our business … it’s what we do every day. Rely on an experienced agent to help guide you. Realtors are unbiased and can look at a home without the emotions of a home buyer to cloud the purchase. Realtors can guide a buyer through comparing a home with others in the area, writing the offer, negotiating repairs, handling issues, setting up title and escrow and making arrangements for the transfer. If the house you want is not listed for sale, Realtors can network to perhaps find your perfect house before it does come on the market.

Sure it’s fun to look on the Internet. But my advice is let a Realtor help you. It will definitely pay off in the long run!

WoodsBros.com links to Omaha market

Effective Aug. 19, Woods Bros Realty will place its listings (Lincoln MLS only) on CBSHOME.com, the leading real estate brokerage Web site in Nebraska. This online exposure is in addition to the properties already being advertised on the top two local real estate Web sites-www.WoodsBros.com and HomeRealEstate.com.

In addition, visitors to www.WoodsBros.com will also be able to search CBSHOME listings.

“Woods Bros Realty is on the cutting edge of technology, giving us the opportunity to give our sellers more exposure in a relevant market such as Omaha,” HomeServices of Nebraska CEO Gene Brake said. “We can now be more competitive by marketing our listings in both markets, as well as in between.”

Brake estimates that this exchange will be helpful for buyers and sellers moving from Omaha to Lincoln (or vice versa) or for parents sending their kids to college in either of the cities.

“This is especially beneficial for our clients in the area between Lincoln and Omaha to receive marketing in both areas,” Brake said.

This sharing of listings between Woods Bros Realty, HOME Real Estate and CBSHOME Real Estate comes about as a result of their relationship with HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate and the second largest, full-service independent residential real estate brokerage firm in the United States. For more information about HomeServices of America, visit www.homeservices.com.

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