Woods Bros Welcomes David Carden to their Lincolnshire Office

Woods Bros Realty is excited to announce that real estate agent David Carden has joined our Lincoln, NE Lincolnshire office. Life is always changing and after 30 years in the Financial Services industry, Carden took his life-long passion for Real Estate and is excited to join Woods Bros Realty.

David Carden, Woods Bros Realty

When not out looking for homes for his Buyers and Sellers, David loves to spend time golfing, gardening and spending time with his adult children and their families.  As David says…. “Have a great ‘Buy and Sell’ day!”

David is excited to help you either sell your home or help you find the perfect new home for you, your family and your friends. He can be reached at david.carden@woodsbros.com or 402-937-4799.

Nebraska: 150 Years of Statehood

Nebraska 150 Years of StatehoodDown a hundred or so two-lane highways lie sleepy villages, many whose post office, church and bar are equal in number.  Others display manicured town squares, with mom and pop businesses lining the sidewalks, the local athletic teams’ schedules and church dinner reminders vying for window space.  A courthouse occupies 93 such squares, with old glory ruffling in the breeze and a reference to brave ones giving the ultimate sacrifice.

Our towns’ populations are constituted largely by multiple generations who immigrated to this land of promise, taking advantage of the Homestead Act born in Nebraska.  Visionaries brought dreams and often different languages along with their determination to build a better life.  Stories of these immigrant families mixed with courage and failure flowed from the pens of Cather, Sandoz and others.  Young bodies became aged with the relentless demands of farm labor, forged by crude implements, often enduring scorching heat and bitter winters.

Potluck gatherings have a special place in our communities, where the best of the best dishes fill young and old with homemade delights.  Nebraskans pride themselves in willingly helping neighbors.  We are a connected people, by relation and by tradition.

Our farms have fed families, friends, our state, nation and the world.  The production from our quilted countryside is astounding.

We are a learned people, our schools and universities spawning some of the best and brightest.  While one-room schools disappear across our vast plains, their impact on early learning has been felt for generations.  Scholars from all corners of the world migrate to our universities to learn from academic leaders.  Ours is a global community.  Most celebrate the opportunities that diversity brings to our state.  We are not without challenges in the 21st century, as we have been for a century and one-half.  But, our world has become smaller, and understanding each other is paramount.

Technology is the great transformer.  All are influenced and impacted by its offerings.  While instant communication is at our every turn, it is a great hope that we not lose our capacity to communicate with voice and eyes in our fast-changing world.

From our Native brothers and sisters that first called this their home, to the myriad of cultures that share our land, we continue to grow and change.  We celebrate the return on the Sandhill cranes in late winter and marvel at the beauty of autumn’s colorful palate.  We hear the Western Meadlowlark and the whisper of the ever-present wind through the tall grass prairies today, much the same as those who moved west more than a century and a half ago.

Ours is but a short time on this land.  Let us know the beauty that is ours to behold every day … in our people and in our beautiful home called Nebraska.



Local Area Events: March 2017

Lincoln Area Local Events: March 2017

Check out our list of things to do in the Lincoln area this month:

3/1 Celebrating Statehood Day check for events throughout the day

3/1-3/25 Sesquicentennial Photo Exhibit “Bridges: Sharing Our Past to Enrich the Future  Great Plains Art Museum 1155 Q St

3/2-3/4 NSAA 2017 Girls State Basketball

3/2-3/5 Sitting Bull’s Last Waltz The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/3 Crooners Over Lincoln The Nebraska Club

3/3 Lincoln Children’s Museum First Friday Family Night

3/3-3/5 Mamma Mia! The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/6 Capital Jazz Society presents First Monday Jazz Jam

3/9 Heather Henson’s Crane: On Earth, In Sky  The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/9-3/11 NSAA 2017 Boys State Basketball

3/10-3/12 15th Annual Husker Lawn & Leisure Show Lancaster Event Center

3/10-3/11 Laser Led Zeppelin Morrill Hall- Mueller Planetarium

3/10-3/12 March Madness Quarter Horse Show Lancaster Event Center

3/11-3/12 2017 Lincoln Parade of Apartments

3/11 Super Hero Day The Lincoln Children’s Museum

3/11 Lincoln’s Symphony Orchestra Maestro at the Piano The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/11 Spring Arts & Crafts Fair St Mark’s United Methodist Church

3/11 Mall Walk for Down Syndrome Gateway Mall

3/12 Red Dirt Shamrock Shuffle 5k The Railyard

3/13-3/17 Nature Explorers Camp Pioneer Park Nature Center

3/14 March Madness The Railyard

3/15-3/19 72nd Annual Shrine Circus Lancaster Event Center

3/17 Trinity Irish Dance Company The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/18 Lincoln Volksport St. Pat’s Walk Fallbrook YMCA

3/19 Happier Lincoln KZUM 3534 South 48th St, Suite 6

3/23-3/25 Cornhusker Classic Tractor Pull Lancaster Event Center

3/24 Billy Joel Pinnacle Bank Arena

3/24 Riders in the Sky The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/26 Boston Pops Explanade Orchestra The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/30 Kris Kristofferson Rococo Theatre

3/31 Taikoproject: Interlocking Rhythms The Lied Center for Performing Arts

3/31 Jeff Foxworthy & Larry The Cable Guy Pinnacle Bank Arena

3/31-4/1 Mother of All Garage Sales Lancaster Event Center

3/31-4/2 Mr. Poppers Penguins Lincoln Community Playhouse

Ongoing Museum Exhibits:

Check websites for dates, hours and admission

Ongoing MARCH sporting events:

Check websites

Lancaster County Property Assessments

property taxIf you live in Lancaster County (Nebraska) you should be on the lookout for a yellow postcard coming in the mail. The news is: house values are going up. The county assessor is required by law to keep residential and commercial properties assessed between 92 percent to 100 percent of market value. And thanks to sales prices having increased so much in the past year, the county assessor moved up their regularly scheduled re-assessments a year early.

I did a quick study of 15 homes (including mine). These were properties that I helped people buy or sell this past year. They ranged in price from $77,000 – $331,000. Of those 15, all but one increased in value. The highest increase was 18 percent. The average increase was 9 percent. Based on the current tax rate, my monthly real estate tax bill will increase by $48 (from about $400 to about $448).

If you want more information, go to: lancaster.ne.gov (keyword/search: assessorvalue).

You do have an opportunity to appeal your new value, but you need to request a hearing time no later than Feb. 1, 2017. To schedule an informal hearing date and time, go to lancaster.ne.gov and click on “appeal” or call 402-441-7463.

You may also call your real estate agent for more information or to help you prepare a market analysis.

Little-Known Facts about Nebraska Football

Little-known facts about Nebraska FootballWhether you’re a football fan or not, it’s almost impossible not to get caught up in the Big Red hype. From the red balloon release at home games, to tailgating and belting “There is No Place Like Nebraska” at the top of your lungs—there’s something for everyone to love. We’ve all followed this football season with pride, now let’s take a look at some at some fun Husker facts that will delight your guests at your next watch party.

  • Do you remember Jesse Kosch from the golden era of 1995? Kosch set the NCAA record for fewest punt returns in a season. Five of his punts were returned, with the opposing team gaining 12 yards total.
  • Of course, no list of Husker facts if complete without mentioning Tommie Frazier. Did you know that he had more touchdowns through the air than on the ground? 43 touchdowns were thrown, while 36 were run.
  • We’ve got to give respect the 1890 Husker team. It was the Huskers’ inaugural season, though back then, they were simply known as “Lincoln.” They were undefeated, 2-0, but they also didn’t allow even one point scored.
  • Even though the Huskers officially began in 1890, they didn’t have a coach to lead them until three years later in 1893. The salary? Between $300-$500. Luckily that salary also included room and board.
  • Long before the civil rights movement began, Nebraska was already ahead of the game. George Flippin was Nebraska’s first African America athlete.
  • Bugeaters, Antelopes, Tree-planters, Rattlesnake Boys—do you recognize any of these names? They were some of the first team nicknames before (thankfully) the Huskers stuck.
  • Today we know Nick Saban as the face and coach of Alabama, but back in 1995 he coached Michigan State. Nebraska gave Saban his biggest career loss with a final score of 50-10. That may have been the year he started scowling.
  • From 1961 to 2010 the Nebraska Cornhuskers won 77 percent of their games. So the next time you get a little too hung-up on loss, just think of the bigger picture. That’s quite a history of wins!
  • Lastly, there’s plenty we could say about former coach Tom Osborne, but let’s end with this: Osborne’s winning percentage from his Husker career was .836. Chatsports.com says this percentage is “the best mark for any coach in NCAA history over such a span.”



October: a Midwestern blessing

octoberOctober has arrived with its redefinition of perfection, bathed by a special color of blue that is reserved only for October skies.  Night time encroaches upon these hallowed days more quickly, a sharpened angle of sunlight illuminating our ancient cottonwoods as they gradually disrobe.  October is the consummate Midwestern blessing, a reward for tolerating summer’s steam.  It’s that annual passage that reflects who we are as Nebraskans, our fields bursting with billions of bushels of dreams realized.  We are historically linked to the land, yet with the harvest, we willingly share our good fortune.

I welcome October as I would the phone call from an old fishing buddy.  October is the sound of a crackling fireplace.  It’s a drive to Nebraska City for apples and a taste of freshly baked pie.  October is the feel of the wool blanket, the search for the ice scraper somewhere under the front seat, the sight of geese readying for winter vacation and a mug of steaming hot coffee in the back yard.  It’s the final push for outdoor projects when windows are bathed and polished.

October is Friday night lights and a sea of red filling the city on Saturdays.  It’s memories of burning leaves in the ditch with my dad decades ago.  October is the end of gardening and the celebration of giant pumpkins, those great imperfect spheres that are surgically and artistically redesigned by young and old.

October is your favorite sweatshirt, the older the better, and flannel shirts and jeans.  It’s hayrack rides and bonfires, marshmallows, s’mores and hot dogs.  It’s apple cider and hot cocoa and the rustle of leaves.

October is a blessing not to be missed.  And like most special times, it races past all too quickly.  It is non-contentious.  It is sharing our best and brightest.  It is a celebration of life’s grandest gifts at our finger tips.  Welcome dear friend.  Pass less rapidly before us that we may know your beauty. 

Looking back on 2015 housing market, forecasting 2016

As we begin 2016 and reflect on the last 12 months, we would ultimately characterize 2015 as having been a very solid year for housing.  Early year-end numbers indicate that year-over-year sales nationally are up by about 10%, equating to roughly 5.3 to 5.4 million units of inventory (and compared to about 4.9 million in 2014).  The strong spring selling season in 2015 was indicative of the market’s overall strength, even while luxury sales activity appeared to have slowed slightly over the course of the last four months. Furthermore, as has been evident in the wake of the Fed’s December announcement, the long-anticipated interest rate increase is not predicted to have a large impact on home-buying activity in the year to come.

Locally in our Nebraska market areas, we saw a nearly flat year. Woods Bros Realty closed 3,157 total units, compared with 3,200 in 2014. However, the company’s closed volume is up 5 percent year over year. The luxury market, defined as homes $400,000 and up in the Lincoln market, was down in 2015 overall. Lincoln, Seward/York, Grand Island and Beatrice are all still experiencing a sellers’ market with fewer than six months of inventory available for sale.

residential market review 2015Looking ahead, here are some of the trends we’ll be watching:

  • 2016 will be a continuation of the housing market’s recovery: This will not be a “boom” or a “bust” year, but a “normal” one with reasonable expectations.
  • Millennials forming new households: This key segment of the consumer population has largely delayed purchasing homes; however, we are starting to see a shift from rentals to ownership among the demographic … and we expect 2016 to be a “break-out year” for these buyers.
  • Washington recognizes the need for affordability: We are seeing a move toward more normalized credit standards versus more risk-averse standards, essentially giving more qualified buyers the opportunity to own a home.  The banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have furthermore seen fewer foreclosures in the recent year, and we expect that trend to continue in 2016.
  • Boomerang buyers bounce back: Homeownership continues to be a very important dream among American consumers. While a number of people weathered the hardships of short-sales or foreclosures in the downturn, over the last five years, we have seen a gradual return of these buyers to the marketplace – another indication that the market has been successfully working through prior challenges.  People who may have been forced into rentals are now re-entering the market with home purchases.
  • By that same token, even with the dollar strengthening against other global economies, the American housing market will maintain its standing as a very safe place to park assets.

All that said, as the recovery continues and the strength of the industry grows, 2016 will be another important year for housing and its steady move toward normalcy.

Valued Vendor – Custom Blinds & Design

5 Tips to Mix Patterns and Textures Like a Designer

by Jolene Wismer
Design Consultant,
Custom Blinds & Design


Mixing patterns and textures is a great way to personalize your space and add interest to any room, making your home feel more established and inviting.  Use your upholstery, rugs, pillows, draperies, ottomans, wall papers, and accessories to apply different textures and patterns in a space.

1.  Follow the basic design rule of thumb for adding pattern:  a neutral palette and adding color/pattern as an accent. To achieve an eclectic look for your space, find 3 patterns to use in one room.  Consider using the 60/30/10 approach;  60% of your favorite selection, 30% with your second choice, and 10% being an accent (i.e. pillow, side chair).  You’re not limited to these guidelines, they’re just good formulas to follow if you need direction.

2.  Start with the basics:  Use a black and white pattern first. A black and white accent will sharpen up the look of any room, adding that WOW factor your space might be missing.  The smaller the pattern scale, the less bold.  But it’s OK to go bold!  You don’t have to upholster an entire chair with this concept, just try a couple of pillows or a throw for now.

3.  Pattern and texture will also compliment a ‘cleaner’ more contemporary space. You can maintain a preferred minimalist look if you add your patterns to different parts of the room, i.e. by limiting the patterns to a small chair or pillow in one corner…an ottoman or bench in another part of the room…or by applying very subtle neutral tone-on-tone patterns for your fabrics and rugs.  For a more muted space, try using textures instead of patterns.

4.  For an effortlessly stylish look, mix the old with the new. Mix a classic French scenic toile (Google it, it’s a real fabric!), with a bold, contemporary geometric pattern, or a traditional plaid with some fun polka dots!  Trust yourself; if you like it, it works!  If you’re unsure, you might always feel that way and so, it doesn’t work!  If you love a particular fabric or pattern, you will find its compliment…it’s out there, so keep looking!

5.  If you’re using different colors, consider sticking with the same saturation for each hue. Just keep those deeper saturated colors consistent from one pattern to the next. If you like a lot of contrast, mix different colors with different saturation levels (i.e. mixing jewel tones with pastels), but repeat some colors from one fabric to the next.  If you do a dark green striped pillow, pull that green from those stripes and select a fabric with that same green somewhere in that pattern.

Experiment with trial and error…have fun, and you’ll achieve a look you love!

Contact a Custom Blinds and Design professional for more tips to help you design your dream room!

6101 S. 56th Street Lincoln, NE 68516  402-730-2000

Special offer on Williamsburg home

For a limited time only, the Seller of this spectacular Williamsburg home at 3801 Old Dominion Ct in Lincoln, NE, will seriously consider all formal offers with a purchase price of $470,000 or higher. This stunning property is currently priced at $499,000 and is well worth the price – the home was recently assessed at $517,900!

3801 Old Dominion Ct, Lincoln, NE
3801 Old Dominion Ct, Lincoln, NE

Located in one of Lincoln’s most prestigious developments, this stunning home is better than new and features a fabulous open floor plan, gourmet kitchen with granite counters, double ovens, custom cherry cabinetry and a large walk-in pantry. In addition, you’ll find a spacious master suite, 3 additional large bedrooms, an office or study space and a beautifully finished basement and amazing landscaping.

Public Open Houses will be held on:
Saturday, June 16, 2012 1:00 to 3:00pm
Sunday, June 17, 2012 3:00 to 5:00pm

RSVP to this open house on Facebook.

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Realtors receive Mark of Excellence Award

At the recent Nebraska REALTORS® Association Annual Convention and Exhibition, 48 Members received the REALTOR® Mark of Excellence. The following Woods Bros Realty agents were among those recognized for receiving the Mark of Excellence Award from the Association: Linda McCall from Beatrice, Al Avery from Grand Island, and Gloria Aron, Thane Jensen, Arla Meyer, Judy Sasek, Doug Vandervort and Gene Ward, all of Lincoln.

The goal of the Mark of Excellence award is to promote professionalism in the industry by recognizing members for their participation at the local and national levels of the REALTOR® organization, for activities in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Institutes, Societies and Councils, for Designations earned, for educational activities and for political involvement. Obtaining the Mark of Excellence award results in better educated, active members who will bring credit to themselves, to the Association, to their clients and to the public by demonstrating functions of being a professional.

Since 1917, the Nebraska REALTORS® Association has served as The Voice for Real Estate in Nebraska™. Our 4,000 plus members subscribe to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics and take pride in the communities in which we work, serve and live.

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