Selling a haunted house?

haunted-house-sellingIt’s that time of year, ghost and goblins are everywhere. But are they in your house? More importantly, are they in your house that you’re trying to sell?

If you’re a paranormal enthusiast you’ve probably already read A Guide to the Ghosts of Lincoln from cover to cover—maybe multiple times, we’re not judging. You may have even taken up Scott Colborn on his annual offer for guided bus tours around Lincoln complete with historical local ghost stories. But if you’re selling a house that has considerable bumps in the night, you probably have a few questions.

First of all, while some other states differ, Nebraska does not require a seller to disclose of paranormal activity in a home listed for sale. Nebraska doesn’t even require you to disclose that someone has died in the home. That is, unless a buyer specifically asks.

Local psychic/medium Kelli Miller has ample experience in dealing with unexplained activities in homes. She sites that houses built before 1930 tend to have the most activity. Kelli says, “I usually suggest saging/smudging the home. It’s a Native American tradition on how to bless or cleanse a home.” But what exactly is going on in these homes with paranormal activity?

Home owners like to remain anonymous when recounting stories of their hauntings, but one local describes this eerie activity:

“Lights have been turned on; the gas stove has turned itself on. Faucets randomly turn on in different areas of the house; once I walked through the dining room, everything was in place.  The kitties came running to me and looked spooked and I figured an animal was at the back door.  I walked into the dining room to see all the placemats on the table turned – perfectly turned with the folded napkins on them. We had friends over to play with a Ouija board… while one friend was explaining the rules of the game a clock flew off the wall and landed at my friend’s feet.  We decided not to play the game.”

So what should you do if your spooky home is ready for a new owner? First, check the obvious sources:

  1. Older homes with electrical malfunctions can be interpreted as “haunted.”
  2. If bumps in the night are a real problem, check windows and doors for drafts.
  3. Talk with your Realtor about your home’s unique nuances, they might have a simple solution, or  it might just make a great story.

But the great news is that according to survey “62% of home buyers polled wouldn’t be deterred by things going bump in the night—and many even prefer it.”

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