5 ways to keep your superparent game strong through the school year

superhero kidsWe all start off as heroes at the beginning of the school year. Those school forms are signed and returned on time. Perfectly coordinated outfits are strategically laid out the night before. Showers, fresh haircuts, homework schedules—they’re on par for the perfect school year.

And then … there’s week two. We stumble a bit. But not to fear, there are simple steps you can take to keep your game strong from now all the way through that last day of school.

The Clothes

You can avoid those early morning outfit arguments by laying out clothes the night before, but do we really have time for that five nights a week? Try the zip lock back method. When you’re folding laundry, pair and fold matching outfits in bags that can be conveniently stored in the closet or dresser. Kids can pick the colors and outfit that suits their mood each morning, matching accessories and all. Those favorite (and probably well worn) T-shirts can be hung in the closet within reach, and we all know that the “favorite” shirt really goes with anything anyway. And as far as laundry goes, relax. Try one load a day. The real trick to stress relief is making sure just that one load gets folded and put away each day. Even better if you can get the kids to help.

Cold Lunch

Want to make your lunch packing extra economical? Use leftovers! Every real pizza lover loves cold pizza, so don’t toss those extra take-out pieces before you stock pile a few days of lunches. You can also spend just a few (key word: few) minutes each night throwing a few premade items into lunchbox. Juice boxes, fruit cups, and those magic Uncrustables, are perfect for making your morning a breeze—even before your coffee. Invest in a well-sealed, leak-proof water bottle, and keep the kiddos hydrated all school day long.

The Forms

Oh, the dreaded forms. They come home crumpled in the bottom of backpacks covered in crumbs, but it’s okay! Just take five minutes each day after you arrive home, and empty out each backpack. Create an easy filing system with baskets or shelves to organize each child’s papers.

The Perfect Planner

Some of us are old school fans of putting the pen to paper to help us keep organized. A Franklin planner (though a little pricier than others) will let you customize the perfect planner for your needs. Just pick the pages you want, the size, and relish in your organization. For the more tech-minded, an endless number of apps will solve all of your scheduling needs, particularly if you want to sync up with other phones in your family. Shared Google calendars are handy for multiple parents to juggle activities.

Weekly Meeting

Lastly, set aside just a few minutes each week to dish out the scheduling details with your family. Plan rides, which meetings to attend and by whom, and don’t forget to ask each kid the best part of their week and any concerns they have. Essentially, being that super parent is less about the hectic craziness, and more about just a few minutes each day staying on top of things.

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