Lincoln’s Antelope Park

Antelope Park ShelterLifelong Lincoln-ites already know the beauty of Antelope Park, but Trip Advisor and its reviewers confirm what we already knew:

“Wonderful walking path. Many relaxing stops along the way. Easy access points. Snow cleared. Beautiful landscaping.”

“Antelope Park has a lot to offer. There are monuments, a band shell, enclosed and unenclosed picnic areas, walking trails, a Veteran’s Memorial Garden, and a wonderful playground suitable for all ages. Auld Pavilion, within the park, holds local events including contra dancing on Saturday evenings. I like to go here to read, and my whole family likes to hunt Pokémon here. The playground at Antelope Park is my kids’ favorite in the city […]”

Even better, Trip Advisor gives Antelope Park a review of 4.5, meaning you can’t really go wrong.

lincoln-antelope-parkLocated at 23rd & N to 33rd & Sheridan Blvd on a 92.93 acres, there is more than enough room for kids to explore, burn off energy on the ample play equipment, dig in the sand, or take a break for a picnic snack. Antelope Park is even within walking distance of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo, making a day at the park more like an effortless staycation that will please the whole family.

The park offers shelters for renting. (Hey there, epic birthday parties and reunions!) Other features offered are a golf course (remember to reserve a tee time,) basketball and baseball areas, and a tennis court. It’s not too late to soak up some fall weather, so fill that picnic basket and head on out.


Family-friendly activities for cold-weather months; Southeast Lincoln


It’s December! Christmas and New Year’s Eve are rapidly approaching. Unfortunately, there are a few things that come with those festive holidays; namely cold, snow, ice, and the like.

So instead of bunkering down in your house with an electric blanket and an endless supply of Netflix, consider venturing out for a few activities that won’t take you too far from your Snuggie and heated blanket.

Paint Yourself Silly

Surprise! The well-loved Paint Yourself Silly is not just a downtown attraction. 70th and Pioneers offers these hours to let your inner child out, our just enjoy watching your child be a creative mastermind:


Monday 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM-9:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM-9:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM-9:00 PM
Sunday 1:00 PM-5:00 PM

The Parthenon

The Parthenon Tavern and Greek Grill will also warm you up, even if you’re not a fan of ouzo. They frequently offer live music on Friday nights, Belly Dancers, Wine Dinners, and plenty of family friendly events. And here’s a tip: always ask for warm pita bread to be brought out while the kiddos wait for their food. The staff is more than happy to oblige!

Frozen Bubbles

If you love winter, and need those kids to get some fresh air, consider this fun trick! Popular blog Apartment Therapy offers this recipe for FROZEN bubbles. But beware, they recommend temperatures as low at 9 degrees Fahrenheit. gives the following instructions:

Giant Soap Bubble Solution
3 cups water
1 cup liquid dishwashing detergent
1/2 cup white corn syrup

“By adding corn syrup to a basic soap bubble recipe you create a sugar polymer and a much stronger bubble that is able to live long enough to be frozen.”

Hyde Observatory

Also in Southeast Lincoln, the Hyde Observatory at Holmes Lake is a crowd pleaser for every age group. October – March they are open Saturdays from 7 PM to 10PM.

They offer four telescopes for viewing the moon, starts, and planets. They also state that “members of the Prairie Astronomy Club will often set up their own telescopes outside on the lawn to the southwest of the observing deck for classes or for special events to accommodate larger crowds.” Contact them at 402-441-8708.

Grand Terrace neighbors look forward to nearby park

Grand Terrace Park Site

For weeks anxious kids have watched from their windows and driveways of the Grand Terrace neighborhood.

Dump truck after dump truck slowly rumble by, followed by cement mixers, bobcats, and workers with shovels and tool belts. The sight itself is fascinating, but nothing new to the residents of Grand Terrace, a neighborhood South of 84th and Highway that started growing slowly roughly in 2010. It started with one house on a corner, until roads and plumbing made the once lonesome fields an actual community. Some of the first residents in the neighborhood recall walking to the community mailbox in the dark while they waited for streetlights to be installed, but just looking around now at the beautiful homes and happy families, the early beginnings of this neighborhood seem like a distant memory. At the time, children in the neighborhood found fascination in watching the construction go up, one house at a time.

But now, they find fascination in a different type of construction. The rumbling trucks aren’t here for more houses, they’re working towards something far more exciting. Grand Terrace is finally getting a neighborhood park.

JJ Yost of the Lincoln Parks and Recreation confirms that construction began, as promised, just after Labor Day of this year. Today, there are sidewalks leading, in a Shel Silverstein way, to nowhere, except to piles of dirt and geometric plots of gravel—plots that will soon enough be the landing ground of energized kids slipping down slides and chasing each other in passionate games of freeze tag.

Yost also explains that while the majority of the park is set to be finished on November 15, there are finishing touches that will take as long as May 1, 2016. Grass, trees, and shrubbery, are all under contract to make the park feel like home. Other parts of the contract include: all site clearing, grading work and installation of all park improvement infrastructure – concrete footings and flatwork, water service, drainage improvements.

Yost also promises some variation of a “grand opening,” a ribbon cutting could even take place.

Until then, neighborhood kids watch through their windows as they’ve done for years, this time, perhaps, with more anticipation.

A mom within walking distance of park shares “I look forward to a safe place the kids can play, families can gather, and new friends can be made.”

Parents closest to the park are ecstatic for a place for kids to create new adventures all within a safe watching distance.

An avid four year old dump truck watcher is ready to get her slide on once the playground, and of course slide, is completed, but right now she’s most excited about “watching them build it.”

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