In the Time of Lilacs

lilacsThe amazing profusion that is Spring is a time of renewal laced with melancholy for many.  Our senses are filled with sights, sounds and smells that are reawakened, reminding us that Winter’s challenges have past and the gifts of this new cycle of Nature are upon us….at last!

The array of color born in the multitude of blossoms is amazing throughout our Midwestern landscape.  We’re dazzled by the sometimes snow-laden gold of the forsythia, the lavender beauty of the redbuds, as well as countless varieties of flowering pear and crabapple trees.

Of the Spring beauties that occupy a very special place in my celebration of Spring, the Lilacs are my favorite.  Regardless of their purple, lavender or white variety, the sturdy Lilac reflects, I think, the strength and character of our proud Nebraska heritage.  How so? 

Lilacs exhibit an ability to withstand years of challenge when rain is limited.  Yet, their perfumed beauty is an essence that is the Lilac’s alone.  Like the people who celebrate its unique offerings, Lilacs reappear each Spring, bringing optimism for the seasons ahead.

My mother’s yard was home to several Lilac bushes that originated on the homestead of our family from the 1880’s near Adams, NE.  Lilacs were dear to her as they are to me.  Each Spring, I celebrate her life with the reappearance of this hallowed plant, especially at the time of her late April passing in 2004, in the time of Lilacs.

We have so much to celebrate with the commencement of this grand scheme of color that is Spring, starring a plethora of blossoms including the faithful Lilac.  Enjoy! 

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