Tax credit, low rates offer bright spots in Lincoln real estate market

It’s probably safe to say “there’s never been a more interesting time” to be a real estate agent than right now.

Anyone who has been helping people buy and sell homes for even a few years has experienced good times and bad. Just three years ago, homes were selling at a fairly fast pace and at nice profits for the homeowners. That trend took a not-so-pretty turn last year when the U.S. economy dipped into a recession. But, thanks to almost historically low interest rates and a federal government stimulus plan aimed at first-time homebuyers, that trend is looking much better.

As a Realtor with Woods Bros Realty, I can tell you first-hand the current $8,000 federal tax credit aimed at first-time homebuyers has created quite a stir. Most of the Realtors I talk to are working with one, two, three or more “new” buyers. These are buyers who most likely would not be looking for a new home right now if it were not for the double-punch of low interest rates and the tax credit.

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