What makes us American?

Baseball and apple pie are on that list. So is home ownership. It is certainly one thing that makes our life in America unique and fulfilling. And it makes us better. Surveys have left no doubt that home ownership is of benefit to the home owner, to families, and to the neighborhood as well.

But there is something else that makes us American. It’s far more available to us than even home ownership. It cost this nation and the people who founded it dearly. Many lives have been lost to retain it. Though not totally unique in the world, there are countless people with no such opportunity and no hope of seeing it in their lifetime.

Yet with all its value, sadly many of our citizens fail to take advantage of this precious gift. In one short month, another opportunity to exercise this right will be upon us, and I encourage everyone to get out and vote this November. Our welfare, and the welfare of every generation that will follow us depend on our caring enough to exercise this most precious of our freedoms and most important of our responsibilites.

Please, on November 2 (or before) take time to vote!

Gale reminds citizens of deadlines for November election

LINCOLN – Secretary of State John Gale outlined deadlines regarding voter registration and early voting for the Nov. 2 Nebraska general election.

Early voting for the election starts Sept. 27 by mail or in person at county election offices. Any registered voter can cast an early-voting ballot.

Gale listed the following deadlines for the November election:

–Mail-in voter registrations must be postmarked by Oct. 15. Registrations close at motor vehicle offices and state agencies on Oct. 15.

–In-person voter registration at county election offices ends at 6 p.m. Oct. 22. This includes registration changes such as updating an address.

–Registered voters can make requests until 4 p.m. Oct. 27 for early-voting ballots to be mailed. Nov. 1 is the deadline for in-person early voting at county election offices. The close of polls on Nov. 2 is the deadline for the return of early-voting ballots, including ballots returned by mail.

Gale urged eligible Nebraskans who aren’t registered voters to take the time to register.

“Voting in Nebraska is a very user-friendly process,” he said. “All you have to do is take the time to study a sample ballot and vote.

“It’s as easy as buying a cup of coffee at your neighborhood coffee shop.”

Gale reminded people to update their voter registration if they have moved within a county or submit a new registration if they have moved from one county to another.

People with questions can call their county election office or the Secretary of State’s Office toll free at (888) 727-0007.

—According to Secretary of State press release: http://www.sos.state.ne.us/admin/press_releases/Voter%20Deadlines%20Nov%20%202010.pdf


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